Philadelphia Presbyterian’s Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be a light in the community that brings all people to God through Christ-centered worship and ministry. And to nurture their faith in order to extend His kingdom.

Each section of the Vision Statement becomes a filter by which we address the where, who, how, what, and why of our existence as a Church of God thus defining our mission:

(where): Philadelphia Presbyterian Church; our vision is to be a light in the community 

We at Philadelphia, a church of mostly commuters, recommit ourselves to making an impact in the local community for Christ.  We want the community to know us and know what we represent.  We will become more visible in the Forest Park / Morrow community and in our immediate neighborhood.

(who): that brings all people to God

Our love, the love of Christ through us, will be demonstrated to all peoples. Through our inclusive acts, we seek to attract all who will hear Christ’s message through this church.

(how): through Christ – centered worship and ministry,

While we acknowledge the changing face of contemporary worship, we seek to stay true to Christ-centered, Bible based worship, ministries and truths.  We will follow the two great commandments: to worship God and to love thy neighbor through our ministries.

(what): and to nurture their faith

We will leverage our mature faith to mentor and educate new believers/all believers.  We will share our faith in God, through our everyday acts and our congregational outreach.

(why): in order to extend His kingdom.

We seek to expand our personal territories for Christ, and in doing so, expand Christ’s kingdom to whomever we touch.